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It takes strength to polish a home.

Shining the diamond.

Our expertise is finding properties for our clients. But sometimes our clients need us to sell their property. And fast. We transformed this North Shore apartment in one-week flat. 

Finding the deal.

We found the underlying beauty. Then we found the buyer it was meant for. That’s the real art of the deal. The buyer was literally right around the corner. For him, the beautiful life is peace and quiet. 

It takes strength to polish a home.

Pentecost Avenue, Pymble

Impossibilities. That's our expertise.

Seeing the light.

Would we find this lady her exact apartment, in the same perfect suburb, just a little smaller?

Knowing is beautiful.

Knowing a suburb well — and its real estate agents — is essential. We knew exactly what our client was looking for. Sunlit rooms in a gorgeous location. Within days we had the new property ready for her to buy (and for much less than the vendor was asking). In fact, her new home had exactly the same floor plan as the place we helped her sell. That larger property went to an architect with immaculate taste.

Impossibilities. That's our expertise.

Muston Street, Mosman

The property was off the market. Until we showed up.

You’re half-way there when you know what you want.

He’s a very accomplished investor. A shrewd operator in his specialist field. But it wasn’t helping him land the multi-million dollar terrace house he had in mind.

Tell us what you like.

There’s one question we often ask people, “Have you seen anything you like?” It took a little while before our clever investor could admit that, yes, there was a property he liked. But he’d been told it was off the market now. We said, just leave it to us. A few days later, all contracts were signed. So how did we pull it off? Well, that would be telling.

The property was off the market. Until we showed up.

Birchgrove Road, Balmain

A six year property return in six months.

Let's improve things.

She wasn’t looking for a home, she was looking for an investment with a sure return. We found the property in a part of the lower North Shore we knew was on the rise. Just as important, we knew the perfect tradesmen to turn things around.

New look, new price.

Buying at a reasonable price took some negotiation. Getting all the improvement plans past the body corporate wasn’t simple either. Working in consultation with the client we found a way to create a new interior. Within six months, the work was done and the property sold, at a price that made it very worthwhile for the investor. And the new owner was just as happy.

A six year property return in six months.

Belmont Avenue, Wollstonecraft

"I want this sold and new house bought in three weeks".

A change of scene.

A beautifully poised client, she’d had some challenging years, and now it was time for a new chapter. We asked her what kind of home would make her truly happy. She said she didn’t need the million dollar view of middle harbour. What she really wanted was a nice cottage with people around who she knows and likes.

Fast is beautiful.

Now she’d made up her mind, she wanted to take that trip to England. So, would it be possible to sell, and to buy, all in a few weeks? We find that almost anything is possible if you really know what you want. The property was sold — for $100k over target — within a week. A week or two more and we’d found that cottage, not far from  her daughter, and a short walk around the corner to the shopping village. On returning from her trip, she took a look at the house, then the neighbourhood, and said, “I can grow old here.”

"I want this sold and new house bought in three weeks".

Lauderdale Avenue, Fairlight

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We love a challenge. The needs you have – the kind of home you need, and where it needs to be, or the place you need to sell – will be unique. Check out the stories of some very different people who found the home they longed for. And how we kept them comfortable by negotiating hard on their behalf. 

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