Questions answered.

Who are the people behind Real Estate Negotiators?

Ian Hembry began his career as an industrial negotiator.Standing up to formidable union operators was a foundational education in deal-making. A further 20 years running two of Sydney’s top real estate agencies have given Ian a deep understanding of how the property market really works. He is a longstanding member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

Trish Robinson is a business professional with a background in management education. She brings the administrative rigour required for the careful management of all stakeholders in a successful property deal.

Why do we need negotiators?

In quiet markets you don’t. However, quality properties in the Australian metropolitan markets are in very short supply. And frequently you will be competing with aggressive investment buyers. The buyer with the deepest pockets often prevails, but this doesn’t need to happen.

What is your approach?

We work very hard to know exactly what kind of property you want. We do the market research, set scenarios, build relationships and position the transaction. As you can see from the stories of our clients, it’s this discipline that allows us to secure properties on the buyer’s terms, rather than the vendor’s.

How are you paid?

We’re paid by you, and you alone. We receive no other commissions, cuts or kickbacks. The amount is set with you before any transaction. And the fee paid is only paid once you’ve received the property exchange you want at the price you’re happy with.

Which markets do you work in?

While we’re based in Sydney, we have in fact made property deals across the country. Both high end residences on the leafy North Shore, bohemian terraces in the inner city and many commercial transactions in industrial locations.

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