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Genuine support for buyers – at every stage

When people buy property, they often feel things are stacked against them. The real estate agent is looking out for the vendor. And the vendor is looking after themselves. No one is thinking about the buyer’s interests.

That’s what makes Real Estate Negotiators different. While we are licensed real estate agents with 25 years’ experience, we work for you, the buyer, and no one else. We take time to learn what your interests are. We agree on a fee to be paid when we achieve the deal you want; then we work to achieve it. It’s that simple.

A no-nonsense approach to securing industrial, corporate and retail space.

After a quarter century in the business, we have an extensive network of key commercial real estate agents and prominent property owners.

It means we’re able to source opportunities that are being openly advertised as well as those that are about to be. Real Estate Negotiators will locate and negotiate the purchase of offices, retail shops, warehouses and factories.

In contrast to other real estate brokers on the market, it is our objective to represent you and your interests unreservedly. This gives you certainty as you plan.

To discuss further how Real Estate Negotiators can assist in your commercial property requirements.

Call: +61 2 9969 1289 or email info@realestatenegotiators.com.au

A service for returning expats and other overseas property buyers.

An unusual expertise we have developed is purchasing property for clients who are living and working overseas. If you’re looking to make the move home, you’ll know it can be a complicated time. But our skill is in handling all the details of property selection and purchase. And that includes finding people a family home or an investment property.

We take careful note of all your requirements, budget and time parameters. We’ll then research, inspect and recommend suitable properties that fit your criteria.

If you are happy with our recommendations, we will negotiate to secure you the best price and terms possible, or, if required, bid on your behalf at auction.

From there we will organize building and pest inspections, strata reports, digital photos or videos, solicitors, conveyances, Power of Attorney, valuers and property managers.

All acquisitions of residential real estate in Australia by foreign investors require approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board before purchasing.

You DO NOT require foreign investment approval to purchase Australian residential real estate so long as you are:

  • An Australian citizen – residing in Australia or abroad.
  • A holder of an Australian permanent resident visa.
  • A person entitled to hold a special category visa, such as New Zealand citizens.
  • An Australian citizen with a foreign spouse, purchasing residential real estate in joint names as joint tenants.

There are, some opportunities for foreign investors to acquire residential real estate in Australia but approval is usually subject to strict conditions. They include:

  • For existing properties (not new) the foreign investor must hold a temporary resident visa in Australia for more than 12 months and must live in the property (not rent it out) and must sell the property once they leave Australia, their visa expires or they no longer occupy the property.
  • For vacant land, continuous development on the land must commence within 12 months of receiving foreign investment approval.
  • For new and ‘off the plan’ properties, purchase by a foreign investor may be approved as long as no more than 50% of the properties in the development have been sold to foreign interests.

For a more detailed explanation of Australia’s Foreign Investment Policy, visit the Foreign Investment Review Board website at www.firb.gov.au

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We love a challenge. The needs you have – the kind of home you need, and where it needs to be, or the place you need to sell – will be unique. Check out the stories of some very different people who found the home they longed for. And how we kept them comfortable by negotiating hard on their behalf. 

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